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Every great empire or community or even a family has a paramount source point. And as a Business family we too have the same. In between the serene mountains of the Hajjar Range, a young town emerged in the early 1970's. The town is known as Khorfakkan...

Since the inception of this town, we as an establishment, started supplying products and have considerably contributed to see this town turn into a well established city. Supplying materials which is required in the foundation like concrete, cement, sand or Aluminium and stainless steel and G.I products etc,  to its interiors like electrical DB, Meter box and other hardware, to the supply of sanitary ware etc. The list goes on. We always consider one thing that we as a establishment as all the other establishment need to thrive but we want to do that always with perfection. This is how we have come so far in our journey of 25 years since 1992. We believe in our ways of business and see ourselves thriving ahead in the coming future for years to come.


The Founders of HASSAN traders
On the right is our Visionary Founder Mr. Hassan Ibrahim Mustafa Hammadi. On the left is Mr. Niyamat Ali The Founder and the directer CEO of the company.
Mr. M.F Hussain & Mr. Nemat
The great Artist MR. M.F Hussain paying a precious little visit to our humble abode.
Mr. M.F Hussain
Mr. M.F Hussain One of the renowned world's greatest Artist of his and all times to come, paying a visit.
The Early Staff in 1992
This was the first staff who got together in the 90's working in the Old market Khorfakkan
Mr. Sohail Sharfi Chief Managing Executive
Joined in the year 1999 he was one of the key player in the history of the company
The cinema road
Situated right opposite to the iconic cinema of old khorfakkan.
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Specialists in dealing

• Aluminium marine grade 6082, 6063

• Aluminium sheets 5083

• Stainless Steel 304, 316L

• Electricals and plumbing materials

• Hardware and sanitary materials

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Opening Hours

Email:- info@hassantradersllc.com

Tel:-     +971561527620

Office:- +9712387139

              (9am to 3pm only)

Hassan traders, Al burdi, cinema road, khorfakkan



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  • خور فكانإمارة الشارقةّ

United Arab Emirates

© 1992 by Hassan Traders.

Mr. M.F Hussain & Mr. Nemat

The great Artist MR. M.F Hussain paying a precious little visit to our humble abode.